Photoshop Tutorials for dummies to geeks

The Magic Wand Tool

Well as the name suggests,it is actually a Magic Wand. Just give it a tolerance range (don't get frightened! we'll deal with in couple of minutes) and it will give you selections.

As soon as you click the magic wand tool, you'll get a toolbar on top of the screen.Set tolerance value to low, say around 15 for this picture.
tolerance describes a certain distance between adjacent pixels.

The stuff right next to the wand in the toolbar lets you refine your selections. You can create a new selection,add to a selection, subtract from a selection or even intersect with any existing selection..(again hover your mouse over the menu to know what's what!!)

Click the magic wand tool over the hairs. It gives you a pretty nice selection straight up!! If you fail to get a such a nice selection straight up then you can hold down SHIFT key (shortcut to 'Add to existing selection') and click the regions that have been left out by PS.

This tool proves very handy if you have to select something out of a dark background or in other words for a nicely contrasted image.

Just try it out on different images and try to select different objects in an image using this around with the tolerance settings and see what difference it makes to you selections.

Remember you are never destroying your pictures or not harming your PC. :D
Try to experiment as much as you can while you work in PS

(Lasso Tool)

(Using Channels)