Photoshop Tutorials for dummies to geeks
Now let us move to the Lasso tool.

Right click on the icon to get the pop menu.
Here's what it offers you.

2.Polygonal Lasso
3.Magnetic Lasso

We use the lasso tool to make any random selection. You'll need a steady hand to make a smooth selection using lasso tool.
Let us try to select her face with the lasso tool.

1.Ctrl+ + to zoom in the area around her face so that you can see more while you select.
Let us attempt to select her face and some part of her body using this tool.
Use this tool as a pencil to draw around the picture.
Right Click to download
Ahh..that's pretty bad!! isn't it? you might have a got a much better selection (frankly i suck at art..drawing etc.).
However i don't worry until PS's there to help me out.
Now let us try another Lasso tool which is called the 'Magnetic Lasso Tool' (Right Click on the Lasso icon to obtain it! )

Press Ctrl+Alt+Z to Undo the lasso tool.This will deselect the selection. Alternatively, you may use Ctrl+D to deselect.
Right Click to download
Don't you worry..I know what you want to know!!
Here we go..the steps to use magnetic lasso tool:
1.Select the Magnetic lasso tool
2.Click on any point which you want to include in the selection.
3.(Have patience and a steady hand)Now move your mouse around the area which you want to cover.
As you move around the image small square boxes start to show up.Don't worry PS is automatically choosing the image for you.That's why its called a magnet.It tries to stick around your image.
Warning: Whatever you want to select must be well contrasted against the background while using this tool. (Because all PS does is that it differentiates the color between the pixels to be selected in the near proximity of your mouse location.)

If you feel that PS is doing injustice to you by not selecting certain pixels that you want to retain then just make a click at that point and a new box will be created.

Remember: You must finally reach to the point from where you initially started using this tool so as to complete the loop and tell PS that the area you want to select has been marked by you.

This tool might seem a little difficult to use in the beginning but believe me you won't use anything else to make major part of your selections later.
This seems to be a pretty nice selection. Still it's not perfect!! As her fingers have not been covered and certain parts of the background have been selected by the tool..But don't you worry..By the end of this tutorial you'll be able to get her out of the background as if in real!!

Try this tool on several different pictures before you move any further.

(Marquee Tool)

(The Magic Wand Tool)