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Adobe Photoshop is the most used photo editing software today. You must be seeing pictures all day long, our eye is obviously a natural camera and mind the SD card. Editing and developing new photos with Adobe Photoshop involves making lot of accurate selections in the image one is dealing with. You must also have seen several well processed images on the internet. Ever wondered how do the celebs look so perfect? It's not in their skin but in the power of photoshop. Anyone can get just a perfect body by Photoshop. You don't like a scar  on your face to be seen? Remove it. Apply makeup to your beautiful face, change the color of your hairs in Photoshop before actually doing it!! Don't like a friend now..remove that bastard from your school picture. You'll get it all over here in a very user friendly language. Hope you enjoy learning!!

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In the first phase of tutorials let's start by learning making selections.
(more to come very soon!!)

Selection Techniques
                                                         : Marquee Tool
                                                         : Lasso Tool
                                                         : Magic Wand Tool
                                                         : Using Color Range
                                                         : Using Channels
                                                         : Using Extract Filter

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